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6. VT Trader -  Trading Software

The internet revolution of the 90’s changed many aspects of everyday and corporate life. One such change was to open the Forex market to individuals. What was once the domain of banks, hedge funds, and giant multinational corporations is now accessible to retail consumers. What fueled this change was the onset of trading software that connected anybody to the currency markets through the internet.

VT Trader 2.0

CMS Forex was one of the first companies to offer a trading platform built specifically for the currency markets, VT Trader. VT Trader was also one of the first to enhance their trading software by letting traders place trades directly from a chart window and to follow the progress of positions visually on the screen.

VT Trader has live quotes, charts, and detailed and up to the minute account reports.

VT Trader charts serve as a virtual canvas for trader to:

  • Effortlessly draw and customize trend lines and moving averages.
  • Map out support and resistance levels by applying Fibonacci ratios, price channels, and other drawing tools.
  • Use and combine over 100 different technical indicators in order to strengthen one's analysis.

VT Trader 2.0The platform's interface is graceful in allowing the user to move and customize VT Trader's windows according to individual preferences.

VT Trader is packed with features. From simple ones like entry and bundled market orders, stops and limits, and hedging to more complex ones such as trading system and indicator builders, VT Trader has something for every level of Forex trader.

We welcome you to take VT Trader for a test drive to see for yourself the power of one of the most revolutionary trading platforms on the market. It is completely free to download; all one has to do to get started is sign up for a free practice account.

For more information on how to start using VT Trader, please view the VT Trader User Guide. www.cmsfx.comShareThis


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