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Thank you for visiting the VT Trader™ support forum, where users can post discussions about issues, get help, make recommendations, and – hopefully – sing praises!

If you are visiting the forums to post general questions, we suggest quickly looking through our video guides as they have the answers to many general inquiries. Also, the VT Trader Manual is very detailed and insightful, and is a good place to find information on any of the functions or features that are packed into VT Trader™.

The forum is a great resource as well, and we suggest that you browse the threads for insights from fellow traders. The forum is a great place to seek help with creating indicators or trading systems, as well as any questions regarding VT Trader™. It you are new to the VT Trader™ Forums, you will need to register for a user account before being able post new threads.

Please understand that all posts must be approved by a member of the VT Trader™ forum moderation team before it can show up in the forums. Thus, please do not submit the same post multiple times if it does not show up in the forums immediately.

Enter the Forums

All posts submitted should be related to VT Trader™ functionality. This can include feature suggestions, questions regarding the usage of VT Trader™, questions on VT API usage, and discussions regarding the creation of new technical indicators and trading systems. Any posts unrelated to VT Trader™ functionality will not be posted onto the forums.

To help tech support better serve you, please make sure you have thoroughly reviewed all current VT help documentation and searched the VT FAQ forum before submitting a new question.