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Dow Jones News

CMS Forex clients will have access to Dow Jones Newswires, named the Best News Provider two years in a row, at the Inside Market Data Awards 2008 Ceremony. Dow Jones’ award winning global editorial team reports from over 120 countries around the clock – from the open in Australia to the market close in the Americas – so you’ll know what’s impacting interest and exchange rates. CMS Clients will receive breaking news, commentary and analysis of the events, trends and policies driving major and exotic currency markets through FX Select from Dow Jones Newswires.

Focus on Currencies – From Majors to Exotics

www.cmsfx.comFX Select from Dow Jones Newswires brings you concise, accurate news on all the major denominations from trading centers and policies that affect them. Coverage consists of:

  • G8 Economic Indicators
  • DJ Market Talk – Rolling market commentary from around the globe that keeps you updated on the markets, insiders and important events throughout the day.
  • DJ Forex Roundups – U.S., Europe, Asian and Latin America
DJ Commentary and Columns:
  • Forex View – Analysis of trading and trends
  • Forex Focus – Roundups for U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America

Please note that the Dow Jones Newswire is only available for live account holders.