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Chart Based Trading

VT Trader™ is among the first Forex trading software packages to allow you to trade directly on the chart. Point and click to open or close positions, drag and drop to maneuver stop and limit orders, zoom in or out to view overall trends – all directly on the graphical Forex chart.

Open positions are intuitive to monitor as they are visible on the chart screen and are easily identified as profitable or unprofitable, as is their distance from the current market price. You can choose from several chart styles from basic bar or line charts to the more powerful candlestick, Heikein-Ashi, and even

The VT Trader™’s chart doubles as an interactive canvas where you can draw multiple trend lines and implement analysis tools including Fibonacci levels and arcs, moving averages, Gann fan lines, and regression lines. In addition, you can select any number of technical indicators to display on the chart at one time. Choose from over 100 technical indicators or design your own.

There is no limit to the amount of currency charts you can display. For your convenience, you may customize your layout across multiple monitors and save your personalized display settings as templates.

With VT Trader™’s attractive chart-based interface and ergonomically placed tools, the professional Forex trader has a user-friendly and fully customizable trading environment at his fingertips.

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*Except in extraordinarily volatile market conditions. Terms and conditions subject to client trading agreement.
†Unused margin must be over 10,000 USD. To be eligible, a trader must open at least 15 standard lots per month. CMS may alter the interest terms and schedule at its discretion.
Under extreme market conditions, CMS Forex reserves the right to modify its spreads.