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Linear Regression Indicator

www.cmsfx.comThe Linear Regression Indicator plots the trend of a market instrument's price over a specified length of time. The trend is determined by calculating a Linear Regression Trendline using the "least squares fit" method. This method helps to minimum distance between the data points and a Linear Regression Trendline. Unlike the straight Linear Regression Trendline, the Linear Regression indicator plots the ending values of multiple Linear Regression trendlines. Any point along the Linear Regression Indicator will be equal to the ending value of a Linear Regression Trendline, but the result looks like a moving average. However, unlike a moving average, the Linear Regression Indicator does not exhibit as much delay since it is fitting a line to data points rather than averaging them.


The Linear Regression Indicator is actually a forecast of the tomorrow's price plotted today. When prices are persistently higher or lower than the forecasted price, expect them to quickly return to more realistic levels. In other words, the Linear Regression Indicator shows where prices "should" be trading on a statistical basis and any excessive deviation from the regression line is likely to be short-lived.


The Regression Periods, Price, Pre-Smoothing Price Periods and Pre-Smoothing MA Type inputs have been parameterized to allow the user full customization of this indicator. The resulting regression indicator is displayed as a bi-color indicator. A rising regression line (greater than its previous value 1 bar ago) is displayed in the UpLine color, while a declining regression line (lower than its previous value 1 bar ago) is displayed in the DownLine color.

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