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Forex Autopilot

The Forex Autopilot technology helps users design and run automated Forex trading systems. The Autopilot effectively automates clients’ trading strategies by allowing them to setup Forex trading systems and automaticaly generating trades based on these systems. Trading systems can operate on a myriad of factors such as market conditions and multiple technical indicators. Forex Autopilot not only generates signals based on your custom trading systems but can also be set to automatically create orders and execute trades whenever a buy or sell signal is generated. Forex Autopilot also allows you to verify the effectiveness of your trading strategies by visually back testing your trading systems on historical chart data.

www.cmsfx.comBy default VT Trader™ includes a number of automated trading systems. Though fully functional these systems are provided as samples and are by no means to be considered trading recommendations. Nevertheless these Forex trading systems can provide buy and sell signals as well as generate orders. These systems can be used to help guide you in creating your own personalized trading system. You can either adjust the included systems and use them as a basis for your automated trading systems or easily develop new trading systems from scratch.

Forex Autopilot's intuitive Trading System Builder allows clients to easily create and configure new systems. Once a trading system is configured, VT Trader™ will automatically open and close positions at specified parameters. These parameters can include price levels, moving average crossovers, and even technical indicator levels. When certain conditions are met, as defined by the user in his or her trading system, orders are triggered. Forex Autopilot will manage your account even while you are away as long as VT Trader™ is running. This way, you can implement your Forex trading strategies without having to watch the market all day long.

The custom Trading System Builder allows you to build personal trading systems.

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