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Custom Indicators As a progressive thinking Forex trader, you may find the need to develop your own technical indicators to analyze certain characteristics of the Forex market, that you feel are important. VT Trader™ offers the innovative Indicator Builder, which will allow you to design technical indicators from scratch or modify existing ones. Construct simple algorithms with existing variables to create the groundwork for your own revolutionary analysis tool. VT Trader™’s multi-faceted and easy-to-learn programming language allows a substantial amount of control and flexibility over the appearance and functionality of your personalized technical indicator.

For those interested in creating their own technical indicators, the results using VT Trader™ will significantly add to your forex trading experience. Support forums are available to assist you; they are communities of like-minded traders interested in fully harnessing the power of the VT Trader™ software. If you would like, you can even submit your new indicator to our public forum!

Design your own technical indicators with the appearance and layout of your choosing.

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