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Forex Trading Terms

CMS offers some of the most competitive Forex trading terms available. Using fully automated processing, we are able to offer unbiased trading. At all times, we strive to deliver the highest quality executions at the best available prices. Additionally,  our partnership with allows us to provide our clients with robust trading software and services on one of the most reliable platforms available.

Competitive Spreads 
As an introducing broker for, CMS Forex can give clients spreads as low as 0.9 pips. We offer competitive spreads on over 50 currency pairs.

Order Types
CMS Forex offers a range of order types including market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders and more to help clients enter the Forex market efficiently, manage positions and effectively minimize losses.

Leverage and Margin
CMS Forex provides clients with a maximum leverage option of 50:1 on major pairs and 20:1 on minor pairs.* Keep in mind that leverage may increase potential gains or losses on a given position.

Multi-Currency Accounts 
You can open a Forex trading account is one of eight base currencies, thus avoiding exposure to exchange risk when depositing and withdrawing funds.