Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "W"

Forex Terms starting in "W"

  • Wedge Chart Pattern →

    Chart formation that shows a narrowing price range over time, where price highs in an ascending wedge are incrementally less, or in a descending wedge, price declines are incrementally smaller. Ascending wedges typically conclude with a downside breakout, and descending wedges typically terminate with upside breakouts.

  • Whipsaw →

    A situation where the prices movements suggest a reversal of a trend, only to resume the trend a shortly after.

  • Wholesale Money →

    Money borrowed in large amounts from banks and financial institutions as opposed to directly from small investors.

  • Wholesale Price Index →

    A measurement of change in price in the manufacturing and distribution sector of the economy. Often leads the consumer price index by 60 to 90 days. Food and industrial prices are often listed separately.

  • Working day →

    A day on when the banks in a currency's financial centre are open for business. For example, a bank holiday in the US, such as Thanksgiving day, would mean that it is NOT a working day for any USD based or quoted pair.

  • World Bank →

    Bank comprised of members of the IMF whose assist in the development of member states by making loans where private capital is not available.

  • Writer →

    The seller of a currency position. Also known as the grantor of the trade.

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