Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "E"

Forex Terms starting in "E"

  • Eco Watcher Survey →

    Short for Economic Watchers Survey, a Japanese confidence indicator that gauges the sentiment of businesses at the street level.

  • Economic Exposure →

    Reflects the impact of foreign exchange changes on the future competitive position of a company in the sense of the impact it can have on the future cash flows of the company.

  • Economic Indicator →

    A government issued statistic that indicates current economic growth and stability.

  • Effective Exchange Rate →

    An attempt to summarize the effects on a country's trade balance of its currency's changes against other currencies.

  • EFT →

    Electronic Fund Transfer.

  • Either Way Market →

    In the Euro Interbank deposit market where both bid and offer rates for a particular period are the same.

  • Elliott Wave Theory →

    A technical analysis theory that suggests a certain natural wave property to price movements.

  • Employment Cost Index (ECI) →

    A economic indicator of the U.S. that measures the growth rate and inflation of labor cost.

  • Engulfing Pattern →

    A candlestick pattern that suggests strength of a current candlestick that has a larger body than a previous.

  • Epsilon →

    The change in the price of an option associated with a 1% change in implied volatility (technically the first derivative of the option price with respect to volatility).

  • Equilibrium →

    A price region, which suggests a balance between demand and supply for a currency pair in the marketplace.

  • ERM →

    Exchange Rate Mechanism.

  • EUR →

    Short for the Euro.

  • Euro →

    The common currency adopted by eleven European nations(Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal) on January 1, 1999.

  • European Central Bank (ECB) →

    The central bank of the European Union.

  • European Currency Unit (ECU) →

    A basket of the EU member currencies.

  • European Economic Monetary Union (EMU) →

    A system of integration between participating members of the European Union.

  • European Monetary System (EMS) →

    The precursor to the European Economic Monetary Union

  • European Union (EU) →

    A group of European countries who's goal is to integrate economically to create barrier-free trade zones.

  • Exchange Rate Risk →

    The potential loss that could be incurred from an adverse movement in exchange rates.

  • Execution →

    The Process of finishing an order or deal.

  • Exercise Price (Strike Price) →

    The price at which an option can be exercised.

  • Exotic →

    A less broadly traded currency.

  • Expiration Date →

    The last date after which the option can no longer be exercised.

  • Exposure →

    The potential for running a profit or loss from fluctuations in market prices.

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