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Chapter 3

Lesson 7 - Technical Analysis

www.cmsfx.comThis lesson focuses on the other branch of market analysis - technical analysis. It discusses the ideas of trends, support and resistance, and chart patterns. The lesson goes on to detail some continuation and reversal chart patterns.

7.5 Trend Reversal Patterns 7.6 More Reversal Patterns - Various Tops and Bottoms 7.7 Continuation Patterns 7.8 More Continuation Patterns
Advanced Reading: In Depth Articles on Technical Indicators

Moving Average and Volatility Based Indicators: Moving Average, Moving Envelope, Bollinger Bands, MACD
Volume Based Indicators: Volume, On Balance Volume, Accumulation/Distribution, Chaikin Money Flow
Ranging Indicators - Oscillators: Relative Strength Index, Stochastic

Lesson 8 - Risk Management – Creating A Trading Methodology

This lesson presents educational information on risk management techniques that a new trader can consider when entering the world of Forex trading. We explain about creating a trading methodology and touch on some aspects of trading psychology.

8.4 Psychology of Trading 8.5 A Trader’s Journal www.cmsfx.comShareThis

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