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Chapter 1

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Foreign Exchange

This lesson will take you through the workings of the largest market in the world. We will explore the Foreign Exchange market's operation and background.

1.3 Aspects of Trading

Lesson 2 - How Trading Works and Terminology

This lesson explains the main concepts behind Forex trading. It breaks down how trading in the Forex market works starting with how to read a Forex chart. Next, some terminology is dissected in easy to understand language. Finally we introduce two of the basic risk management tools, limit and stop orders.

2.3 Risk Management

Lesson 3 - A Sample Trade

This lesson will take a novice that has never used an online trading platform through the opening of two positions, and then follow how the positions change in value.

3.5 Candles Can Paint A Story of Wild Activity - 26 Hours Later

3.6 Retraction from a Big Move - 30 Hours Later

3.7 Two Days Later - 48 Hours Later
What’s in Chapter II - Fundamental Factors

Lesson 4. Exchange Rates and Supply and Demand
Lesson 5. Central Banks and Interest Rates
Lesson 6. Fundamental Analysis
What’s in Chapter III - Technical Tools

Lesson 7. Technical Analysis
Lesson 8. Risk Management – Creating A Trading Methodology www.cmsfx.comShareThis

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