Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "T"

Forex Terms starting in "T"

  • T-Bill →

    Short for Treasury Bill.

  • Take Profit Order →

    An order to buy or sell a currency pair which, when executed, would result in a realizing a profit on all or a portion of an open trade. For example, if a trader is long 1 lot of EURUSD at 1.3500 and has a take profit order set at 1.3510, if the market goes to 1.3510 his take profit order will be executed for a 10 pip or $100 profit on his 1 lot trade.

  • Technical Analysis →

    A method used to predict future price trends by analyzing historical data patterns.

  • Technical Correction →

    An adjustment to price not based on market sentiment, but technical factors such as volume and charting. An example of a technical correction would be price returning to a significant resistance level after momentarily breaking through it.

  • Terms of Trade →

    The ratio between export and import price indices.

  • Theta →

    A measure of the sensitivity of the price of an option to a change in its time to expiry.

  • Thin Market →

    A market in which trading volume is low and where the bid and ask quotes are wide. In a thin market, the liquidity of the instruments traded are low.

  • TIBOR →

    Tokyo Inter-bank Offered Rate.

  • Tick →

    The smallest possible change in a price up or down. If the EURUSD is quoted at 1.37012, a one up tick move would be to 1.37013 and a one down tick move would be to 1.37011

  • Tick Volume →

    A measurement of trading activity that represents the size of the contract.

  • TIFFE →

    Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange.

  • Timothy Geithner →

    Current United States Secretary of the Treasury

  • Toshihiko Fukui →

    Former Governor of the Bank of Japan

  • Trade Date →

    The date on which a trade occurs.

  • Tranche →

    A portion of a deal or structured financing, specifically used for borrowings from the IMF.

  • Transaction →

    The buying or selling of securities resulting from the execution of an order.

  • Transaction Cost →

    The cost at financial instrument or security is bought or sold.

  • Transaction Date →

    The date on which a trade occurs.

  • Transaction Exposure →

    Potential profit and loss generated by current foreign exchange transactions

  • Triple Moving Average Crossover →

    A trading strategy based on 3 moving averages.

  • Turnover →

    The total money value of all carried out transactions during a given time period.

  • Two - Way Price →

    An example of a two-way price would be EURUSD at 1.3600/1.3602. It is a quote in the foreign exchange market that indicates a bid and an offer.

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