Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "I"

Forex Terms starting in "I"

  • IMM →

    International Monetary Market, a part of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

  • Implied Rates →

    An interest rate derived by calculating the difference between the spot and forward rates.

  • In-the-Money →

    The price at which an option is worth exercising.

  • Inconvertible Currency →

    A currency which cannot be exchanged for other currencies

  • Indirect quote →

    An indirect quote or indirect currency pair is one where the USD is the base currency of the pair and not the quote currency.

  • Industrial Production Index (IPI) →

    An economic indicator that measures market activity

  • Inflation →

    Inflation is a monetary condition where prices for consumer goods rise, decreasing purchasing power.

  • Initial Margin Requirement →

    The minimum portion of a new security purchase which an investor needs to pay for in cash, or the required initial deposit of cash or security, which acts as a guarantee on future performance.

  • Interbank Rates →

    The forex prices international banks quote to other international banks.

  • Interest Rate Risk →

    The potential for losses arising from changes in interest rates.

  • Interest Rate Swaps →

    An agreement to exchange interest rate exposures from floating to fixed or vice versa. There is no swap of the principal. The principal amount is notional as at the end of the tenure only cash flows related with the interest payments (whether payment or receipt) are exchanged.

  • Interest Rates →

    The amount charged to use money. All interest rates are influenced by the rates set by the Fed.

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) →

    An international organization of 184 countries that oversees the global financial system.

  • Intervention →

    Action by a central bank to effect the value of its currency by entering the market.

  • Intra Day Limit →

    Limit set by an exchange or a bank's management on the size of each dealer's Intra Day Position.

  • Introducing Broker →

    A person or institution who has all the functions of a broker except to accept money or any type of investment.

  • ISM →

    Acronym for Institute of Supply Management

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