Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "H"

Forex Terms starting in "H"

  • Hammer →

    A candlestick that is characterized by a squarish body with a long whisker towards the bottom.

  • Hard Currency →

    A currency whose value is expected to remain stable or increase in terms of other currencies.

  • Hawkish →

    The sentiment of the central bank when it is intending to increase interest rates.

  • Head and Shoulders →

    A common chart pattern used in technical analysis that suggests a reversal of a trend.

  • Hedge →

    A hedged position involves the holding of long and short positions of the same underlying assets.

  • Henry W. Paulson →

    The former United States Secretary of Treasury.

  • High/Low →

    The highest traded price or the lowest traded price for an underlying instrument for the current trading day.

  • Hit the bid →

    To agree to buying at the offer or selling at the bid.

  • Hyperinflation →

    Very high and self sustaining inflation levels.

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