Forex Glossary

Forex Terms starting in "D"

Forex Terms starting in "D"

  • Darvas Box →

    A technical indicator developed by Nicholas Darvas to identify breakouts.

  • David Cameron →

    Current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  • David Dodge →

    Former Governor of the Bank of Canada.

  • Day Order →

    A buy or sell order that if not executed is canceled at the end of the day.

  • Day Trade →

    A trade that is opened and closed in the same day.

  • Day Trader →

    A trader who's style of trading is characterized by opening and closing positions of the same pair within the day.

  • Deal Date →

    The date when a transaction is agreed upon.

  • Dealer →

    An individual who acts as a counterparty to a transaction.

  • Dealing Desk →

    A "desk" where the transactions for buying and selling of securities occur. Also known as a trading desk.

  • Death Cross →

    A technical and charting analysis term that refers to when a short-term Moving Average crosses under a long-term Moving Average.

  • Declaration Date →

    The last date when a buyer of an option can notify the seller of that option of his intention to exercise the option.

  • Deficit →

    A negative balance of trade.

  • Delivery →

    The settlement of a transaction by receipt or tender of a financial instrument or currency.

  • Delivery Date →

    The date of maturity of the contract, when the final settlement of transaction is made by exchanging the currencies.

  • Delivery Risk →

    An additional risk to be factored into any transaction.

  • Delta →

    The ratio comparing the change in the price of the underlying asset to the corresponding change in the price of a derivative.

  • Depreciation →

    A decrease in the value of an asset or currency.

  • Derivative →

    A contract that changes in value in relation to the price movements of an underlying security, future or other physical instrument.

  • Descending Triangle →

    A chart pattern formation that some traders use as indication of a downtrend continuation.

  • Desk →

    Term referring to a group dealing with a specific currency or currencies.

  • Devaluation →

    The act by a government to lessen the external value of its currency.

  • Diamond Formations →

    Diamond formations are chart patterns showing a top or bottom and signal a reversal of a trend.

  • Direct quotation →

    Quoting in fixed units of foreign currency against variable amounts of the domestic currency.

  • Directional Movement Indicator (DMI) →

    A technical indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder for identifying whether a trend exists.

  • Discount →

    When an asset is listed at a price that is less than the spot price.

  • Discount Rate →

    The interest rate the federal reserve bank charges to banks for borrowing its money.

  • Discretionary Account →

    An account in which the customer allows a trading institution to act on the customer's behalf in buying and selling currency exchange pairs.

  • Divergence →

    A situation where the trend of an indicator fails to confirm the trend of the price movement.

  • Doji →

    A candlestick which represents a relatively large price range between the high and low, but very narrow range between open and closing price.

  • Dollar Rate →

    A variable amount of a foreign currency is quoted against one US Dollar.

  • Domestic Rates →

    The interest rates applicable to deposits domiciled in the country of origin. Value and values may vary from Euro deposits due to taxation and varying market practices.

  • Double Bottom →

    A chart pattern formation that may indicate possible bullish future price movements.

  • Double Top →

    A chart pattern formation that may indicate bearish future price movements

  • Dovish →

    The sentiment of the central bank when it is looking to stimulate the economy and feels rates are too high for its policy.

  • Durable Goods Order →

    A fundamental economic indicator that measures the strength of manufacturing.

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