Daily Recap – Mixed Day for USD

Entering this week’s trading, traders still had their worries about the US data that came out on Friday which carried over to the Asian and European session to start this week, as the dollar erased gains from last week. Yet, as the trading US session continued through the day, that changed some.

News coming out of Europe, where equity markets closed lower, concerning a new bailout package for Greece created more debt problems in the EU.

The range for the euro was 1.4629 to 1.4556 throughout Monday’s trading.

Equity markets in the US opened and closed lower, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down -61.08 and the S&P 500 down -13.99. Crude oil also fell in relation to a stronger dollar and speculation of demand worries on the horizon, closing at $98.99 a barrel.

This week look out for some important US data, especially Thursday where we can see the International Trade numbers and the Jobless claims.

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